The history of online gaming coincided with the popularity of the internet in the 1990s and has continued ever since. The evolution of online casinos and gambling continues to spread all over the world. New games, sports and many different types of gambling continue to be added to the online gaming websites.

When and Where Did Online Gambling Originate?

In the 90s it became evident that some websites were operating with gambling out of Antigua and Barbuda. The islands’ Free Trade and Processing Act allowed the nation to give out licenses to and a new industry came about. Microgaming was the first software provider and continue to this very day. This evolution continued when the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in the late 90s and the industry began to boom with casinos, poker sites and sportsbooks. Sportsbooks came about and offered players new ways to follow their team and the biggest bookmakers began to open gambling sites. This was a sure sign that the industry was here to stay.

How Have Online Gambling and Casinos Changed?

The market was small initially and there were many incentives for players like free deposits and cashback which are now much more difficult to find despite their still being many bonuses and incentives for players to choose from. Sports betting and poker have become immensely popular due to new wagering between players and peer to peer technology. There has also been a rise in nice gambling which may seem obscure to most but still attracts a considerable number of players. betting on politics and entertainment are some new niches that may continue to evolve. The licensing and regulation of the industry was difficult to manage due to the complexity of internet laws and the number of jurisdictions all over the world but has become slightly more transparent over the years.

Online gambling will continue to push the boundaries and is only limited by the player’s wallets and government intervention.